Tips & Tricks to make the most of the carnival of colours.

With the rise in temperature, energy within everyone, and the atmosphere charged with happy vibes,
it’s time for the most vibrant and colourful day of the year (literally).
However, every festival brings that one dilemma of what to wear?
Agreed, the clothes have to be discarded after the festival, doesn’t mean you got to wear old, retired clothes which don’t fit on Holi.
From fancy to funky, if taken in a right spirit, your Holi outfit can be styled in different ways.
With everyone smiling for that ‘Holi hai’ post, picking the right look is a must.

This particular look is the most easiest of all.
The thing with these items is that, there’s always an extra pair sitting in some corner of every girl’s wardrobe which she does not wear for no reason.
So, ladies pull that excluded clothing and rock this holi with some additional tips and tricks added below.


The outfit
A simple white tee or shirt with denim, shorts or any other lower is one of the most comfortable yet fashionable outfit to enjoy the festive spirit without any worry.
while the White makes the colours stand out, if destroyed, you can always get this plain tee from ‘Jockey’ without spending much.
Loose fitted are the new fad, so try avoiding the clingy or skin hugging clothes which might make you uncomfortable and also drive unwanted attention.

A (7)

“This doesn’t go well” said no attire to hoop earrings.
Make the attire stand out by adding earrings to it. May be your favourite quirky ones or your jhumkas.

A (6)

Make up
Only if you want to go for some make up,
It goes without saying that the make up has to be *water ready* for all the balloons and pichkaris or the pool pushes and rain drops.
Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and pick your favourite lip shade which you makes you smile more for wearing it.
With the increased usage of chemically made colours take proper steps to avoid the collateral damages.

A (10)

Eye care
Avoid wearing contact lenses, the splashes might fall into the eye, causing irritation. The solution to protect your eyes would be Sunglasses.


Hair care
Hair oiling is one of those ‘Dadima ke nuskhe’ which never fails. Apply oil/ oil replacement on your hair, preferrably coconut oil, to prevent any distortion of hair. Don’t keep your hair open, tie a bun or pony tail, as well as, cover your hair with an old scarf, bandanas, cap or those Albert Einstein style wigs for safe guarding the scalp.


The sneakers, loafers and leather shoes don’t play along well with the water bursts, leaving the best option to be flip flops.
Make sure your footwear isn’t slippery.


A (3)

Bring together your favourite combination and leave your views in the comment section below.
Hope you liked the read.

P.S- Respect all forms of life and avoid putting colour on street animals and pets. It is extremely harmful to their health in many ways. We will go home and wash our colours, they can’t.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 12.53.38 PM


Editing: Vaishnavi Vaduguri

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3 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks to make the most of the carnival of colours.

  1. It’s amazing !!
    I really appreciate the intrique details you have paid attention to while making this blog a perfect indicator for holi celebration outfits !

    I love the concept as well as the pictures attached to it with little spice of indian proverbs like “dadi maa ke nuskhe” being my favourite one !!

    Keep up your work ..
    And Big thumps up to Vaishu also !!

    Harshit !! ♥️


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