The nail extension experience

Hey guys!

I have always maintained a go-to nail size for myself, but recently just before a function, one nail broke off (Ugh!). Then we all know what is done thereafter – In a sheer state of nervousness, one bites rest of the nails too, in a poor fashion.

Sensing this as a common dilemma, I am here with a nail extension process (or, How I pulled off a broken nail):

Step 1 – The nail stylist removed my old nail-polish and clipped them shorter; he pushed my cuticles back and buffed the nails so there remains no residue of shine or moisture.



Step 2 – Further he added a plastic extension from the middle part of my nails, pasted it using UV rays, shaping it to the size I wanted. (I asked for an oval shaped extension for my nail which wasn’t too long, since I was wary of it causing discomfort in my day-to-day work.)


Step 3 – He applied the gel coating, then dried it under a UV lamp. Remember that no changes can be done to the nail after the gel coating is done.

Step 4 – Two coats of gel nail paint followed by curing under a UV lamp after each coating, and one final coat – the end result was that my nails came out shining!



Summary of my experience: The whole process took 1.5-2 hours; the nail stylist was quite friendly,guiding me through each process as it went through as well as reviews from his previous customers.

Nail extensions can feel super-weird at first. It takes a few days to adapt. They’re nothing, not even remotely close, to your actual nails, you evidently feel they’re too plastic-ey.

They can cause decreasing efficiency in even menial activities such as buttoning and unbuttoning of clothes, opening latches, etc.

Although its surface remains quite hard, I kept worried all the time about maintaining them. Also, it slightly pains if you put pressure on their tips.

My nail extension lasted for 25 days, till one of them got cut from the side and i removed it. Usually, one has to go to the salon again for de-extension, but I figured out the process and did it myself.

If you guys  want me to put together  video or a blog post on the de-extension, put it in the comments section.

The next month, growth of nails were bad in quality, and I cut them short, making some additional remedies necessary.

Some additional points:

•If you are a person with abundant household duties, this is not meant for you.

•It looks extremely beautiful once done, you should definitely try this in necessity, to make a definite appearance. 

•You have to revisit the salon for de-extension, unless you know the process.

•It starts to pain a little as the nails start growing, depending on your natural growth.

•You can re-apply colours on your extension like regular nail paints.

•It takes a few days to get used to those false extensions on the tip of your natural nail.

•Gel extensions are better than acrylics ones, because of less chemical substances used.

•It has to be taken equal care when it comes to side-cuts and breakage.


Hope you enjoyed the read.

Leave your views and quarries in the comment section below.


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