Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga , made in India.  

Sharat Katariya’s this movie delivers a great “stitch” of inspiration and comedy with a nice embroidery of direction.

The movie starts with Varun Dhawan, describing his family and it’s conditions where they stay in a colony of tailors like birds of a feather flock. Most of them have changed their profession in the present time and so has Mauji ( Varun Dhawan).

Varun plays the role of an emotional yet a little rowdy north Indian poor guy who is struggling to make a living for his parents and his wife Mamata ( Anushka Sharma ).       His easy approach to life saying “Sab badhiya hai” even in complicated situations is the best way to live. He does a great job portraying the sweet and dedicated ‘Mauji bhaiya’ and his struggle in between following his dreams and earning well.

Anushka Sharma, I think, is the backbone of this film. This is one of the rare movies where she seemed to be at the lead. She played the role of Mamta in a de-glam avatar which proves that she doesn’t need the jazzy outfit to make an effect. She shows her feelings more often with a smile or tears, along with her strong role. 

Raghuveer yadav, a great actor, just slips in the role comfortably, as usual.

While most of the Hindi blockbusters rely mostly on romance, songs, foreign locations, or special effects to woo the movie buffs, it’s really nice to watch a movie like Sui Dhaaga which relies on none of the above elements but focus on story telling about common people trying to overcome the hurdles of life with an indomitable spirit. 

The story is nothing new and can be easily guessed as you can guess by it’s cover but the craftsmanship of the director and the actors make it a worthwhile watch.

Overall: A good piece to watch with your family after a lovely dinner, in the end, leaving the theatre with nothing but smiles.

Rating: 3.5/5


Editing: Vaishnavi Vaduguri


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