Batti gul meter chalu ⭐️⭐️

The movie ‘Batting gul meter chalu’ opens with a contest where people are shooting arrows in the dark, literally, and S.k Pant (Shahid kapoor) makes his entry to it.

He wears unacceptable funny clothes to be a blackmailer cum lawyer and tries way too hard to apparently catch the new language of Tehri village introduced in bollywood industry.


The main characters of the movie are SUNDAR, SUSHIL & NAUTI. Their name isn’t really the weird thing of the movie, what is, is that they are clearly stuck in a love triangle where both the ‘bust friends’ together chase off any other guy who takes a hit on Nauti.

The solution they find is to date each one of them for the consecutive weeks and in the end to mutually take a decision for it.


As you watch the trailer, the suspense of the story is whom she chooses to love but not Sundar tripathi’s ( Divyendu Sharma) suicide.

Divyendu plays the role of a good boy who has the courage to start his own printing press and is troubled by the problem of electric bill which becomes the reason for his attempt to suicide shown by his attempt to acting.


Shradha kapoor a.k.a Nauti, a young and determined fashion designer dreams highly of Lakme fashion week in the 1st half, merely has the role of ‘existence’ after interval.

The stereotyped way of showing emotions through clothing is taken so far seriously that the girl calling dress piece from ZARA as boring suddenly starts wearing grandma sweaters and funny sarees in the later part.


The first few minutes of the movie will get you into searching for subtitles as this movie clearly is not in hindi (even though they say it is). The extreme usage of the word ‘bal’ at first is confusing and later on annoying and gets on your nerves.

p.s.- Speaking of ‘annoying’, personally the headache this movie gave lasted a few hours even after the show ended.


After a lot of, what is called, ‘beating around the bush’, finally when the movie focuses on it’s issue of electricity and involving lot of social message, emotions, and a bit of Gandhigiri, where in none of it actually connected to the audience because of the ‘faulty’ direction.


An unnecessarily stretched part court room scenes introduces Advocate Pai Gulnaz (Yami gautam) who carries an erotic novel in her purse during the case and is read out loud by by S.K (it is supposed to funny) and Judge (Sushmita Mukherjee) who is more interested in cricket scores than the trail itself.

This series of event has middle funny script with Shahid kapoor somehow showing glimpse of Nana patekar style of dialogue delivery and endless shouting along with timely perv-y jokes which tends to make the audience in the court room clap and laugh.


To address the issue of inflated light bills due to faulty meters in rural India, the best way would have been a focused story line or may be a short film, instead of a combination of – lost direction and screenplay mixed with songs like ‘when you are getting gold why go for tambba’.

The best part of this movie is the memes shared on ‘ dekhte dekhte kya se kya ho gaye’


Overall: One time watch,

If you really have nothing to do for 3 hours and have completely nothing to do otherwise, watch this film.


Rating: 2/5



Editing: Vaishnavi Vaduguri


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