The girl in the mirror.

At different phases in our life, we come across all sorts of people. People who are loving, caring and interested in us, while on the other side there are people who judge and try to belittle us. We try to explain people, who wouldn’t listen to us, try to show our true self to people who wouldn’t care about us, trying to be what we are not. 

Our life isn’t confined to what these people think of us, whether they believe in us or not, whether they understand us or not.

Without exception, at some point of time or other, we have been in the pursuit of undeserving people, people who don’t see our inner-self, people who hear but don’t listen to us, people who come but don’t stay… 

but in this fallacy, we forget to address the most significant being of our lives, someone who knows us all, inside out. Someone who knows the best about you, sees through you, knows you raw, raging and pure. The one who always, always stays, The Girl in the Mirror!

Here is something that someone has got to say to you:


You deserve the world and even a little more.

You are smart.

You are beautiful.

You are enough.

You are everything.

You are all.

The world has tried to break you and put you down, but you never let it. You are perfect in your own way, especially with your flaws. Accept the things that make you different, while embracing everything that makes you unique, not everyone is moulded the same way; you have your beautiful carvings. 

You have been through a lot more than what anyone knows and have come out on the winning end always.

Even though you think you are broken, there is so much strength in your pain, i feel you. You’re really not as broken as you think you are, i know you. You are stronger than anything that has tried to tear you down, i believe you. You are a survivor, not a victim.

So with that, try not to be so hard on yourself, we both know you’re doing the best you can, don’t punish yourself. Thank your past, for it has made you into a better person today and love yourself more than ever before because, with every passing day, you are growing within, becoming a whole being.




Love yourself, sweetheart.

Thanks & Regards

The girl in the mirror.


Photography : Arjun Shankar ( In collaboration with Door films.)

Editing by : Mayank Agarwal

Special credits : Shabeer K.M.B

Thank you so much guys, for making this possible.




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